Stumped for ideas for Halloween costumes? Take a look here!

Have you ever received an invitation to a Halloween party which gives you no guidance but to 'come in costume'? You've been a witch, a ghost, a pirate and a scary ghoulish monster character.

Now, what do you do for an encore, something that's fresh and original? Sometimes your mind just draws a blank. Before you decide to pass on the invitation, read on. We've got several avenues of scariness, humor and role-playing ideas for Halloween costumes to get those imaginative sparks fired up in you. Let's go.

The most successful ideas for Halloween costumes are ones that suit your personality. If you're the guy who really gets a charge out of scaring the trick or treaters and your fellow party guests, then go in that direction. Think, spooky, scary and disgusting. The Grim Reaper trip. Put 'Halloween' in front of those adjectives and Google yourself to your corner of Halloween fright.

If you're a woman and don't go in for the above sentiments, but have always wanted to the the beautiful fairy tale Princess or Norman Queen, set Google to work in that search. Remember too, that Disney(TM) makes lots of their movie character costumes in adult sizes. If you enjoy the incognito effect, there are plenty of animal costumes with face masks that allow you to observe and have the guests guessing. Want to be a penguin? No problem. You can. (I almost hate to admit I did this as an adult, but it was a lot of fun!)

Are you a fan of the Matrix and Star Wars genres? Such fanciful ideas for Halloween costumes can make for original and creative costumes. You could certainly be the only R2-D2 at the party!

Now, about that Pirate. There's a little Pirate in us all, that daring, bold and unconventional persona just waiting to come out. Other ideas for Halloween costumes along these lines include the nomadic Gypsy or the magnificent Flamenco dancer. Have you the courage to come as a belly dancer? Zorro is a fairly cavalier guy. Why not?

Are you the celebrity type? Hey, indulge yourself! If you're short on time, a trip to the trendy clothing shops can produce a reasonable facsimile of your favorite celebrity. Wigs, makeup and costume jewelry do the rest. Besides, you can wear the costume as street wear later on down the road. That is, unless you want to be Elvis!

You can see that the key to fun and creative ideas for Halloween costumes is right in your head. It just needs a little development and a quick online shopping trip. Live your dream. Just don't scare the kiddies too much!

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