Group Halloween costume ideas

Group Halloween costume ideas that make a definite statement

On Halloween, you can be whomever. Kids go trick or treating, dressed to the nines, and come home with an admirable stash of treats. However, Halloween isn't just for kids.

Plenty of adults go in for the spooky event. Adult Halloweeners might be frowned on if they go trick or treating ... taking candy from kids? Halloween part gatherings are better suited to adults. If you're thinking of hosting a Halloween party, here are some group Halloween costume ideas to help liven things up.

Let's say you're inviting twenty or thirty people. Develop several group Halloween costume ideas, each with a different theme. For example, one theme might be period costumes, such as Medieval, early American, French Revolution or ancient Greek attire. A celebrity theme might include Elvis, Humphrey Bogart, Marilyn Monroe and Ingrid Bergman. Famous horror movie characters are yet another theme. The trick is to suggest themes which will promote a diversity of characters within each group so you get a good mix of costumes.

When you use the group Halloween costume idea, members of each group tend to be more creative in terms of making their character recognizable, with greater detailing. Everybody wants their theme group to outdo the rest. It's as simple as that. Halloween parties not using a contest type format can result in lazy partyers who show up wearing regular clothes and a scary mask. Not nearly as much fun.

Once you've developed your choicest selection of group Halloween costume ideas, divide your guest list in groups of four or five. When you send out invitations, let each guest know it's a theme party and assign one of the themes to each guest. Once you've got all your RSVPs, let everyone know who's in their group, so the collaboration begins!

If you have specific characters you'd love to see, you can include them as suggestions. Maybe someone will take you up on it, but at least your suggestions help to spark imaginations. You can also get more enthusiasm going by letting your guests know there will be prizes for best group and best costume in each group. Prizes can be silly, inexpensive and fun. A prize can be as simple as a gold net bag of chocolate coins on a ribbon, mimicking a 'gold medal'. You can design cool medals on your PC and print them out.

You can also help your party to succeed by giving your guests leads on local and online places to find obscure costume accessories. For example, theatre and dance supply houses carry extensive lines of makeup, feather boas, sequined sashes, rhinestone tiaras and wigs, at affordable rates. Other inspiring resources include period fashion websites with photos of authentic attire of the times and retro shops.

The group Halloween costume idea makes for an outstanding and entertaining Halloween party your guests won't forget.

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