Medieval Costumes

I never really understood the saying “the clothes make the man” until I tried wearing medieval costumes. You see, I have always been a pretty conventional dresser and a pretty conventional person in most respects.

I keep a steady schedule, don't take big risks, have moderate political views – you know the type. Nonetheless, I want to medieval Renaissance faire on a whim with a friend a couple months ago and found the experience life-changing. There were people everywhere wearing medieval costumes, dressing up as knights, princesses, kings and queens, Jesters, and other characters out of history and fantasy. There were even a few wizards there.

At first, I was a little bit hesitant to put on a medieval costume myself. I was just going as a tourist you see. After a while, however, the energy became addictive. I was fascinated by all of those people prancing around in their medieval costumes, and I wanted to join in. The faire was going on for several days, so I knew that I would have time to come back. I resolve to do just that.

I put together a medieval knight costume using some items I bought at the Renaissance festival and some I picked up at the local costume boutique. It wasn't a particularly elaborate one as medieval costumes go, but it seemed to be good enough. I had a tunic, leggings, and a hat with a feather in it. I looked more Robin Hood than King Arthur, but even so I was pretty pleased with my appearance.

It was amazing how differently people started to react to me. Wearing medieval costumes on the street will get you silly looks, but wearing them at a renaissance festival makes you practically a celebrity. Everywhere I would go, people would smile at me, thinking I was part of the entertainment. And wouldn't you know it, soon I started to think of myself as entertainment as well.

I began to talk in an approximation of period English, greeting people as m'lord or m'lady. I even picked up a medieval sword there, figuring it would make a good prop and make my costume more convincing. Soon I began to believe in the character I was creating, and rediscovered the joys of make-believe. Although medieval costumes are attractive, this is the main draw for me. What I really like is the sense of being transported to another time.

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