Spooky Halloween Sounds

Saying Boo! properly: Create your own customized, chilling collection of spooky Halloween sounds!

Halloween is almost upon us. After costumes, decorations and candy, you're not ready to rock and roll your party guests and those little trick or treaters until you've assembled a custom repertoire of ultra spooky Halloween sounds.

Luckily, this is an easy project today. With Midi, Wave and Real Player formats, music websites and your PC, you're equipped to collect the creepiest, scariest, most ghoulish and spooky Halloween sounds ever, to scare the pants or whatever - off your audience!

The online hunting grounds for scary sound effects is more than abundant and terrifyingly fruitful and frightful. You can find ready-made CDs of spooky Halloween sounds at reasonable prices, or you can opt for short clips you mix and mash into your own custom set of creepy, crawly Halloween sounds.

You may want to burn a couple of CDs, or compile two separate playlists. With all of the spine-chilling sounds out there, you've got to take it a bit easy on the children. You don't want them running from your doorstep empty-handed because they're too frightened to knock! Now, the adults are able to handle some of the scarier effects, so reserve those special sounds for your grownup or teen party events.

For the kiddies, you can compile a combination of spooky Halloween sounds and kid's Halloween songs. For example, a little Monster Mash sandwiched between wind, lightning crackles and ghostlike sounds straight from the cemetery gives them a good dose of scary along with a funny song to lure them to the door. Everyone leaves satisfied and properly frightened. The bubbling witch's cauldron is another kid's favorite. Do you remember 'If you're scary and you know it'? Make the kids laugh and scream before they haul away their treats.

Now, let's turn our attention to those teens and adults claiming nerves of steel. Oh, the possibilities are deliciously disgusting, frightening and altogether not funny. In fact, what you can do with sound clips will probably require a period of comic relief for your invincible guests. Perhaps the theme song from Ghost Busters or the Adams Family might get those brave hearts beating again, if only for the moment hee-hee!

Here are just a few ideas you might enjoy. Now, the idea is that on Halloween, the spirits of the dead, demons and goblins are all let loose to do and say as they may. Such a night should get the neighborhood dogs, cats and werewolves howling. Get some such clips in your bag of tricks. If you've got a dramatist in your circle of friends, set them to work on blood-curdling screams, frightful groaning sounds and Exorcist-style gibberish. Record it all and get to editing your custom mix of spooky Halloween sounds. The demon-possessed gibberish, played at a volume clear for all to hear, may be followed by a startlingly louder crash of thunder and spine-tingling, hair raising crack of lightning. Now you're cooking!

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