Halloween Treats To Hand Out This Year

When I was younger, there were only so many things that you could expect to get in your bag when you went out for trick or treat.

There were some times when something would hit the news that eliminated something, but the average house gave out wrapped, single candy items. Halloween treats like apples were at one time taboo thanks to some urban legends and perhaps a few real problems, but there are ones that come wrapped today. If you want to give Halloween treats that are out of the ordinary, you have a lot of different ideas from which you can choose.

What you may find is that you are going to want to have two different types of Halloween treats ready to go on Halloween night. This is due to safety issues. Some parents will not allow their children to take anything that is not in a sealed package that came from a store. That is understandable, and that may be a rule that you have too. However, that does not mean that you can not come up with some interesting Halloween treats that you can give to the families that you know very well, or to send to school with your kids.

Candy apples have been around for a very long time, but you can get them in all types of forms today, and you can make them on your own. These Halloween treats are always welcome, as most love the tart and sweet combination. Carmel apples are another option, but you should make sure you do some practice runs with these Halloween treats. It can be hard to get them right the first try. Even better, you can add whatever you want to them. Use your imagination and make them something special.

You can also come up with a bunch of small Halloween treats that you can fit into a small goody bag. You can go with things from the store, and then throw in a few small Halloween themed toys with the candy. Most families still give out just one thing in the way of candy, so the kids are going to love that you went to the extra trouble of making them a small bag of things for their Halloween treats. Candy is good, but discovery is even better for kids. They are going to love digging through the bag to see what is enclosed.

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