Scary Costumes

When I was a kid, absolutely loved scary costumes. I didn't always wait until Halloween to scare my younger brother, although often I did.

I would put on a striped sweater, wear a glove Nightmare on Elm Street, and put on some latex makeup to look like Freddy Krueger. I was very good. My scary Halloween costumes must have given him countless nightmares. If he wasn't scared, he certainly gave the impression that he was. I was always grounded for my scary costume antics!

When I had kids of my own, however, I had to give up my scary Halloween costume thing for a little while. Kids are pretty unpredictable. You never know what will be fun for them and what will be scary. I couldn't risk using intentionally scary costumes. It just wouldn't be worth it if I gave my youngest daughter nightmares for months. I would not ever here the end of it from my wife, and the little girl would be traumatized anyway.

It's nice to see that my kids are getting a little bit older. Nowadays, it is safe to wear scary costumes again. As a matter of fact, it was my daughter herself who started it. She dressed up as a corpse last year, complete with fake wounds and pale makeup. My wife thought it was grisly, but I absolutely loved it. It was certainly the scariest costume I had seen in awhile.

The funny thing is that not all of their friends are at the same level they are. Although my kids love scary costumes, my daughter's best friend recently started crying when I was wearing a werewolf mask on Halloween. She just couldn't take it. I guess she had a thing about werewolves. My daughter thought it was hysterical something about that mask cracked her up but her friend refused to come into the house until I promised I wasn't wearing it. She still won't come in the house unless she knows that I have that werewolf mask off.

Still, most kids like scary costumes once they reach a certain age. Kids have worries and fears, and dressing up is a great way to help them deal with it. They don't always have to wait for Halloween either. My kids love wearing monster masks for any occasion. Sometimes, it is all I can do to get them to take the masks off at the dinner table.

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