Scary Halloween Costumes

Scary Halloween costumes that will impress those supposedly scare-proof friends!

Halloween is the ideal holiday occasion for admirers of the scary, horror movie genre. With scary movies and horrifying special effects, some of these folks think they're scare-proof. However, advances in technology have kept pace with the movies, such that truly scary Halloween costumes are within your reach. Let's look at a few ideas you can use to scare the pants off these smug people.

Masks are an essential element of the scary Halloween costume. Plastics technology has evolved to a point where one must question reality. Some of the masks available today are so realistic, your movie-jaded friends might well be shocked and afraid. They'll think you do indeed know what they did last summer. Perhaps worse yet, they'll believe you're a movie nightmare come true. The best scary masks are the high tech ones, with the look and feel of a nightmarish face composed of skin, bones and maybe a few maggots for good measure. A mask can make or break your scary Halloween costume.

All scare movie fans know that clowns are associated with serial killers. Such clowns are not the funny Ringling Brothers types. They are morbid, obsessed and entirely scary characters. You can capitalize on this notion with an appropriately deviant clown costume. The mask is supremely important in pulling off this scary Halloween costume, but the devil is also in the details. A little fake blood on an otherwise innocent costume never hurts, and a fake hunting knife tied at the waist helps your gruesome image too.

Attending a Halloween party as a head on a platter is sure to evoke distaste from the most hardened of horror fans. Here's how it works: Find a cardboard box that's just large enough for you to be comfortably seated. Carefully cut a hole that allows you to stick your head through the opening. Use face paint to make you look as though the worst has been done. Think killer dentist, psychopath with a drill, that sort of thing. Cover the box with a satin tablecloth and arrange food around your head. This scary Halloween costume is best displayed at the entry to the party.

Latex body suits are ripe with possibilities. While you can find an ordinary latex body suit intended for Halloween use, you can embellish these with all sorts of gruesome additions. Stab wounds, fake blood of the most realistic sort and plastic bugs permeating the suit are a sure sign of disgusting and horrifying imaginings.

Last, but not least is the headless Halloween costume. Remember the Legend of Sleepy Hollow? The trick with this costume is to hide your real head, while holding a reasonable facsimile.

If you're intent on a scary Halloween costume, you've got to be willing to go the extra mile and put those scare fans in their place!

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